Thursday, March 1, 2018


     Once again, I'm attempting to post something interesting each day this month during the Slice of Life Challenge. I've started out all gung-ho the past several years but haven't stuck with it the entire 31 days as of yet. This could be my year!
     Here are some topics that I may cover this month:
1. A little guy in my class that needs more individual attention in Reading. I started practicing his Spelling words with him at school (no practice at home unless he's visiting Grandma) and we'll see if it's helping tomorrow. Last Friday, I gave him his test individually stretching out each word, then let him try the test with the class.
Quite a difference-notice how he chose to just scribble random stuff?
      An interesting experiment in can't versus won't. Stay tuned!
2. My class is participating in Classroom Book a Day. We read a picture book each day and vote for our favorite on Friday. Some stiff competition. Today we read And Here's to You by David Elliott, an encouraging, uplifting rhyming book.
3. My sewing
 I'll also check back on previous year's slices:
Apparently, this is year six of Slicing for me :)
2017- reflecting on my February page of my bullet journal
2016- reading Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail
2015- serving at a homeless shelter
2014- reading a chapter of Proverbs each day
2013- celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday

Happy Thursday!


Unknown said...

I would love to hear more about your experience with bookadaychallenge.
This is my first year, and I love it but have some things I'd like to do differently.

confessionsofarealteacher said...

I hope you make it through this year! It's so rewarding to blog the entire 31 days. I'm interested in following the success of your struggling student.

Anonymous said...

How neat to see what you'd done other years. This is my first time slicing. I'm pretty apprehensive about it. Your list from other years makes me feel excited about whatever I end up doing. It's nice to think about having a similar list 6 years from now.

Patti M. said...

Your picture book a day and voting each Friday is a wonderful idea! I'm sure your students are engaged with each story to decide which one is their favorite. Students can share their reactions and reasons for their favorite, and reflect on each story as they listen to their classmates. Thank you for the idea. We just finished a Magic Tree House book and I was going to share some folk tales so I think this will be a good activity.