Sunday, February 27, 2011

share, give

Busy Saturday and Sunday sewing
This little block combines the red SoScrappy challenge with the February block from Cricket Studios Tips and Tricks Quiltalong. All stash! Love the little heart/ cherries.
Blockapalooza Blocks #9 and #10. Two of mine have finished at 13 1/2 inches instead of 12 1/2. My 1/4" seam must be a little off, but we can make them fit. Who knew I loved machine quilting? This is my try at Cherry House's quiltalong. She taught us a great strategy- use painter's tape (mine was masking) for marking lines. I used 2 tape widths away from each row of itty-bitty squares. So quick and not bulky at all. Ready for binding on Tuesday!
and finally, I was waiting for my tax refund before putting these together, and Friday both State and Federal were in my checking account! They are almost completed birthing kits for Craft Hope- still need to cut string and add receiving blankets. My pregnancy and delivery were so happy and easy, thank you Epidural and C-Section- I can't imagine in a million years being handed one of these as my only help. But, I hope they bless someone in Haiti. They'll be mailed later this week.


Scrappy quilter said...

Your blocks turned out wonderful.

Ellen said...

Very cute red block - nice job.

Ellen said...

Thank you for visiting my are set as a no-reply blogger so I will answer your question here. I saw the flower block at and I was immediately smitten. It is from a book "Simply Charming".

Deanna said...

BLessings to you for the good that you do. They will bless lives. I have learned that you can do a lot with a little, but even the Lord started with something--feeding the multitude, water to wine, the widow of Nain. THey all had something. The little you give can be made into "enough" with His love.

Ellen said...

If you are still looking for the book "Simply Charming" I went to Konda's website where she has a 2 book combo including Simply Charming. I don't know if it is still available but may be worth checking into. I hope this helps.