Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Enchanted Barn (Hill, GL) My copy was edited and updated for today's reader, copyright 2000

Another favorite story because the characters make something wonderful out of very little.

As Shirley explored the barn, she ate a piece of one-egg cake that her sister made the day before. Has it occured to anyone that in order to have dessert or an evening treat, they had to bake everyday? How easy we have it now. . .especially during Girl Scout cookie month, mmm Samoas.
Elizabeth brought a feast the night the family arrived at the barn. There were chicken sandwiches, gumbo, fruit and nut salad, rolls, olives, almonds and bonbons with cocoa to drink. For dessert, she brought cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, macaroons, coconut pie and ice cream.
For Sunday's supper, they had roast chicken, potato croquettes and peas.

While the family sat around the fire, Mrs. Hollister prayed this prayer,
"We thank You, Lord, for sending us such good kind friends to make the world happier for us."
How many friends can you think of that make the world happier for you?

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Deanna said...

GLH books make me happy, and I know about them because of you. I am reading Silverwings right now. Her concept of Christianity and mine differ some in doctrine, but the spirit and message still touch me strongly and remind me to pay attetion to core beliefs and to be more strongly willing to testify of my faith in the truth.