Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Honor Girl (Hill, GL, 1929) Part 3

As with any new venture, there were challenges when Elsie moved in with her father and brothers.  Saturday morning, she surprised them with milk toast, fried potatoes, ham, oranges and coffee.  On Sunday, they enjoyed muffins and coffee, but weren't too keen on attending church.  Later that afternoon, they had sandwiches, cocoa, apple pie, chocolate cake and peaches.  She fixed a brown betty with hard sauce at her father's request another evening.
For Katharine's visit, Elsie had hot chocolate with whipped cream, sandwiches and cakes ready and for Cameron's- fresh bread, sponge cake, pies, a pan of beans and homemade mayonnaise.

Another sweet story of people making the best of a trying situation.

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