Monday, September 5, 2011


We visited two fun places in Charleston, WV on Saturday.
First, the Clay Center.
  Our favorite room has interactive exhibits like stop-motion animation, dancing water fountains and...
an echo tube. 
The museum has interesting designs all the way down to the floors
and the outdoor walkways.
You can find quilt inspiration anywhere!

Our next stop was the WV State Museum with a new walk-through history of WV.
My favorite parts are the quilt exhibits.  This one is a Log Cabin used as an autograph quilt. 
The names were embroidered AND it was Halloweeny colors. 
In the lobby, I found
Fiesta Friday (on Monday)
a Fiestaware rainbow.

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scraphappy said...

There are quilt ideas everwhere! That one with the bricks is on my list for soon. There is also one that is a logo for a bank that I have to try. Looks like a fun day for all