Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Now you see it.
Now you don't.
I made some little curtains. You may notice the box on top:
My first Debbie Diller math work station!
I've enjoyed reading her book online for free this summer.  First-grade math goals include counting from 1-120 and ordering 3 objects from shortest to tallest.  This station practices 0-10 and includes our card game, 30 unifix cubes and a book to read in case of extra time.   
How Daily 5 is going:  We're up to 5 minutes solid during Read to Self.  Lots of book shopping and special seating keep them interested.  During RTI time, my aide is our fluent reader.  Two children sit in little antique school desks while she reads aloud.  It's so sweet.  This morning, they kept handing her books.  Makes me wonder if they've had much laptime?
I added Back up and Reread to our CAFE menu yesterday.  We review Check for Understanding, Cross Check and Tune in to Interesting Words many times a day.
So far, so good. 


Deanna said...

That is a practical as well as cheerful touch to the classroom. Well done!

PS--I went to our local library surplus sale and found a GLH book: A New Name. Stayed up too late reading and am putting on the shelf this morning. Thank you for introducing me to these sweet books.

Cassandra said...

Sounds like things are going well. I love your new curtains!