Saturday, September 1, 2012


Bus Duty week is always a busy one.  It adds a solid hour to your workday.  But!  This year, our school offers free breakfast and lunch to every child.  The gym was not as hectic and noisy because more kiddos are eating.  We'll have to see how it changes breakfast duty though...

I launched Work on Writing.  This fuzzy picture shows my writing center.  We write in journals each afternoon, but this is a special place to sit during Daily 5 rotations.  It has cool, 2-color colored pencils, crayons and some picture dictionaries to use for inspiration.  Some of their sentences are about smoky factories, big apples and butterflies- not topics you usually see :)  The newsprint has handwriting lines on the bottom and space for a picture on top.

Last Saturday-
There are several things Colton wants on ebay
so he started washing cars to make some extra money. 
 If I'd known how well my mom pays for this service
I'd have been washing her car for years.
After all that hard work, we visited Krispy Kreme to try their new
Caramel Apple doughnut.
On a scale of 1- 10, I'd give a 6.  Good, but not good enough for a second one.
I'll stick with chocolate iced glazed.
Off to enjoy our three-day weekend!

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Cassandra said...

Wow to free breakfast and lunch! I never attended a school that did that. Your writing station looks great!