Friday, August 17, 2012

share, very little make

Today was our 7th day of school.  My class is supersweet- 12 boys, 8 girls.  I've made a matching game with their pictures and names, but sewing and reading?  My creative energy is pretty much gone by the time I get home.
I've needed a container at school to hold my large collection of Diet Coke cans before recycling.  This came from the flea market a couple years ago:
An honest to goodness rust bucket.
It used to say Vegetable Shortening.
  I can't imagine needed that much vegetable shortening.
  This is after 5 coats of paint:
I'm not sure how many coats it's gonna take,
 but someday, with a liner bag inside,
it should be really pretty.

I'm gonna try to sew a little tonight for Friday Night Sew-In.  Are you?

1 comment:

Cassandra said...

It'll look really pretty soon! I see potential. :)

No sewing tonight but maybe some knitting. I can't decide if I have enough energy for it.