Saturday, August 4, 2012


Daily 5 Chapter 5
Read to Someone and Listen to Reading

Read to Someone- Confession: Using our decodable readers (Reading Street) or our Reading book, I say, "Let's have Read to Someone. Find a partner that reads better than you."  Mad race to grab a friend.  Two certain boys take off running for their favorite reading spot.  One high level reader and my shy ESL student walk slowly around the room, waiting 'til I say, "If you can't find a partner, you may read on your own."  After a minute or so...EEKK.  Then they read with a partner for a little bit.  Our stamina was good because I've had obedient kiddos, but not great because I didn't take the time to launch this component correctly or give a purpose for reading with a friend.

This year, I plan to take my time and launch more carefully.  Waiting to launch on the 11th day of school (page 121) gives me plenty of time to make some check for understanding manipulatives to use.  Making and reviewing the I-charts will also help children take this component more seriously.  Making a coaching sheet will help the reader and the coach practice using strategies and patience.

Listen to Reading- I use my 5 computers with headphones for this component.  I'm always on the lookout for more great read-aloud websites, but these are our favorites:

tumblebooks (This link uses the Atlantic City Public Library. At school, I have a long list so I don't always use the same free access)
wegivebooks Not read aloud, but a great selection of interactive picture books.  For each book you read, they donate a book to a group of your choice.

This year, we've added an RTI block.  While I'm not sure what it entails, I hope to use my aide and our Reading Recovery teacher as expert, fluent readers during I Read/You Read and Listen to Reading.
Happy last weekend before school starts.  

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