Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Tues- started piecing Cindy's scarf
Wed- finished scarf
Question- Does anyone else have trouble pricing/ accepting money from friends for crafties?  Sewing is a relaxing, enjoyable way to keep my hands busy in the evening.  Several people have mentioned I should sell my stuff, but I feel weird taking money for it.
Thurs- no sew
Fri- no sew
Sat- orange block, pink pillowcase
Sun- lavender pillowcase
Mon- raspberry block


Marti said...

Yes! I have never been asked about making a quilt, but other little things, and it is so hard to price it so you both think you are getting a good deal. At least now we have etsy, so you can see what similar items sell for. I used to check prices at craft fairs.

btw, I just figured out your posting system. I think. For a long time I thought you weren't updating your blog because it had the same title every time. I never thought to check. I'm so dense sometimes. Now to go back and see what I've missed.

Judy said...

I understand completely. I have done countless counted cross stitch projects and make cards and that's what my friends tell me too. I couldn't put a price on my creations. I love making them and giving them away. Their thanks is enough to make me want to create more. Happy sewing.

Kate said...

You had a great week of stitching.

If I had to sew on a deadline for someone, it would take the joy out of sewing for me. I prefer to make what I like and give it away to who I want to.

Sarah Cline said...

I crocheted blankets for a church sale, and had the hardest time pricing things. Do I charge just for the yarn, or the time too? It was very hard to do. I also didn't want to price people out of buying a blanket!

thea said...

Very nice week! I made a quilt for a friend and she paid in fabric which I thought was great. I didn't actually charge her, she just got me the fabric.