Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today's Slice of Life
We introduced a new organizer during Work on Writing yesterday- Describe a long-term goal, then a babystep you could take to meet that goal.  (After re-reading several days worth of slices, I still can't find the post from which I learned it.  Please let me know if you recognize it so I can give credit.)
  Here are my examples:
Someday I'll pay off my credit cards.
Today I won't buy anything on QVC.

Someday (June!) I'll go to the beach.
Today I'll exercise so my swimsuit won't make me sad.

We worked on this one together:
Someday I'll be able to answer 50 math facts in 2 minutes.
Today I'll count on my fingers and use a numberline.
(or underline as one first-grade friend calls it.)

These are from a friend who got the point:
Someday I am going to be a NBA player.
Today I can practice basketball.

Someday I'm going to be in Pitching League.
Today I'm going to play in Little League.
And this from one who didn't:
Someday I'm going to Great Wolf Lodge.
Today I got moved in school.
PS- She "got moved" for a totally valid reason and gave me attitude face.


Catherine said...

I share your noble goals, and love how this activity breaks them down into small steps. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Michelle said...

Love this idea so much! Loved the ones who got it and the one who didn't. Thanks for sharing!