Thursday, March 21, 2013


A few suggestions to help you through the weeks before Spring Break.

1. When we leave our classroom, we go in line (alphabetical) order.  We eat in line order except for Friday, when we sit by whomever we choose, or whomever chooses us. 
On Monday, I really shook things up.  We lined up in reverse line order Z-A instead.  There were big smiles and chatter all the way to lunch.  So exciting!  Each day since, I've asked a friend to choose how we'll line up.  Of course, reverse!  It doesn't seem to matter that they're by the exact same people, just on a different side.  Whatever works.

2.  We finished Reading Street Book 4 this morning, suffering through Lady in the Moon and Mr. Bones.  Please don't be offended, I have friends that love these stories.
Instead of starting Book 5 on Monday, we're having Literature Circles with Magic Tree House books.  I'm using Dinosaurs Before Dark as a whole class read-aloud and the choice for my lowest readers.  They'll have the support of my reading and feel included.  Everybody is ready for this new challenge.  Read-to-Self was totally quiet today.  They asked if they could read when they come in tomorrow morning, too.  Made my day!

3.  Our latest favorite brain break dances:

Do the Mario

Gangnam Style

The Sid Shuffle


Jackie said...

Sounds like your class will have a lot of variety of activities until spring break. I love that your slow readers are inding the joy in reading. Jackie

Kay said...

I love how just little changes can perk up a class. It holds true for my 8th graders, too.

ssurridge said...

Love when Read to Self is actually 100% quiet and productive! Love those brain breaks too!

shogem said...

Thanks for sharing. Great ideas. I am planning to use a couple of your ideas. We have another 3 weeks to go before break. This will help to keep the energy going.