Friday, November 15, 2013


Finished Little Women this evening.  Even though I knew what was coming, it seemed like the ending was rushed, the whole thing falling apart with everybody making the wrong decisions, but loved the final chapters.  Such a sweet story!

November 2013 Gratitude

Day 15:  So thankful for this busy time of year- ticking off projects one-by-one from last Friday's to-do list: Treasure book? done.  Common assessment? only 2 more pages. 
This weekend's goals: deliver Operation Christmas Child shoebox and Festival of Trees Christmas tree.  Pictures soon!

Also thankful for how first-grader's reading seems to take off this time each year.  We finished Unit 2 today- all long vowels with silent e.  Now just practice, practice, practice.  My RtI kids have such varied needs: One still struggling to remember letter sounds, one decodes then repeats each word twice (not great for comprehension) two catching on better than I'd ever imagined.  Today's favorite Success Story:
A certain little boy focused in and read straight through three lines of text today.  Don't quite know how to describe him, but this is a super big deal.  On Tuesday, he earned 100% on a spelling practice activity.  His explanation? "It's because I thinked this time!"


Kate said...

It has to feel good when some of the kids start to get it. I don't teach, but it's always nice when helping Drama Teen with her homework you can get her to that "aha" moment.

Jodi said...

I love his answer, "It's because I thinked this time!" Cute!