Sunday, November 17, 2013


November 2013 Gratitude

Day 16: Thankful for a new stack of library books for the week, groceries put away, ready to snuggle down for the evening.

Day 17: Thankful for my parents (again).  We vacationed every year when I was little, mostly Florida to stay with my grandparents, but also New York, Canada and out west.  I've learned not many families get out and go places. 
I'm trying to keep up the tradition with Colton.  Our road trips have included Chicago and Mall of America, up north- Hershey and Vermont, then Vegas, driving back Route 66.  By the time he was 11, he'd visited 22 states.  Love all the memories we've made.      

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Kate said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for. My family didn't travel much when I was little, my husband's family did. He's made sure our daughter has seen lots of the US. One year My Guy asked that for vacation we go somewhere neither of us had been. So I checked out the Southwest fare specials and we ended up in Georgia.
It was one of our better vacation ideas.