Saturday, February 22, 2014

make, share

Five full days of school this week!  Yippee!
This did not leave any energy for sewing,
but I did find a herringbone dress on clearance for $6.
An inverted pleat in the front? made it totally frumpy
so I chopped it off and hemmed it.
My first-graders string beads well,
but as soon as an elbow pushes the string off the table...
so frustrating and noisy.
Came up with this idea:
a pipe cleaner! 
Holds tiny beads very well.
The sun is out here in Kentucky!
Happy Saturday!


Kate said...

Great "save" on the herringbone dress.

You've got some smart kiddos in your class.

Elly D said...

Great thinking! Before I read the bit about you chopping up the dress I was thinking it was quite short.. lol... It'll make a great tunic now :)

Cassandra said...

Pipe cleaner is one of those things with 1,001 uses. Great idea!