Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Back to school!
Time to change the calendar
and talk about my math board!
   Loved January's pattern- star, cube, star, cone.  I use math vocabulary at every opportunity.  Added a present on my birthday.  The kiddos didn't mind. 
  On Thursday, I "randomly" choose a number.  The children represent it in math journals using tens and ones.  On Friday, we count to 120 using Thursday's number on a 120 chart.   I thought this was enough counting until I heard a little friend saying, "eleventy-one, eleventy-two."  So we added some extra counting during the week.
   The first 10 days of a new month, we count around our circle and back.  I'll ask, "If I say 8, what will (the person beside me) say?"  The teens give several kids trouble so I make sure our count includes them, but we also use larger numbers.  On the eleventh day and after, we use our calendar to count forward and back.
   On Monday, we use Thursday's number and figure out greater than/less than.  (I'll move 86, scoot 19 over and 74 up. Confusing?)  So proud that every child answered correctly last time!  These little routines only take a few minutes, the kids enjoy them and improve their number sense.

   We started reading aloud Little House on the Prairie this afternoon.  It's the February Classic selection at Reading to Know.  Love the precious little illustrations.  Chapter one has the little family leaving their home, moving across the country and crossing dangerous creeks.  Who knew I'd get so emotional?  Rereading as an adult and a mom makes a big difference.  We'll see what happens tomorrow!


Tara Smith said...

I could just imagine those little faces listening to Little House on the Prairie! Good to know that you are back to your routines after all those snow days.

Chris said...

I read "eleventy-one, eleventy-two" line to my teens - they had a giggle remembering how hard it was to count those big numbers.

So glad you are sharing the Little House books with your students. "The Long Winter" crossed my mind here in Chicago!

Kate said...

Sounds like a good base. I miss the days when math class meant counting, our teen is now dealing with "higher" math.