Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Just enjoyed a glass of Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist.
Before that, put on my black sweat suit.
Before that, bought gasoline ($3.55 a gallon) and drove home in blowing snow.
Before that, seven parents visited our class for parent night.
Before that, ate two pieces of pizza.  Love free dinner!
Before that, my kiddos went to art.
Before that, writer's workshop, rainy-day recess, math journals.
Before that, read-aloud Little House on the Prairie.
Before that, lunch and Magic School Bus.
Before that, spelling, RtI centers, DEA testing, Just Dance Mario.
Before that, Life in the Forest was voted more interesting than Who Works Here?
Our brackets- Which story will win??
borrowed idea from here
Before that, district classroom visit.
Before that, phonics lesson with wipe-off folders, Do-what using power verb List.
Before that, drove to school in 62 degree sunshine.
Before that, started my regular morning routine
Before that, one game of Candy Crush level 382.
Before that, woke up nervously planning for a long Wednesday.

Love this format- learned it from Slicing last year- Mandy

March 12, 2013 Slice

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Laura M. said...

I like the format of this post! It was very creative and fun to read!

Love the idea of the classroom reading version of "March Madness." So neat!

Isn't it crazy that there could be such a contrast in the weather from the beginning to the end of your post---blowing snow at one end; 62-degree sunshine at the other!