Thursday, March 13, 2014


A couple years ago...

One afternoon, I took my class to their buses and realized I had not noticed J at all that day.  No conversation, not even eye contact.  We quietly said, "Bye."  I felt so guilty.  We'd been together seven hours and hadn't acknowledged each other.  A teacher friend suggested maybe J liked it that way, but I vowed that day to speak to every child everyday.  Good grief, at least notice them.

This year, my class includes some children you can't help but notice-
for behavior- D, C, and H; J- new to our school, angry at the world
two guys that constantly want to go to the bathroom or share some inane detail of their lives- D, J
because they're just friendly, happy people- C, H, K, B;
a couple lovie-doves that can't walk by with hugging me- M, S and A;
one little shy sweetie pie- M (slowly turning into a hugger)
one that's hard to fit in a category- S

and others that would rather blend in, without attention drawn to them: C, K, M
These three get an extra smile each morning, whether I get a response or not.

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Anonymous said...

At least you realized how important it is to recognize every child in your classroom each day. It sounds like you are a very caring and compassionate teacher.

Jaana said...

This was cleverly done. each of my students have their own category as well--with unique needs.

Laura M. said...

Good reminder! How often do we go through life and not acknowledge people as we should? Thanks for the reminder to love on others and recognize their unique needs and differences.