Sunday, March 1, 2015


     So thankful for the opportunity to serve dinner at a homeless shelter yesterday. Our group from church toured the facility first, then worked in their cafeteria. What a wonderful program. They serve families with children and single ladies first, then single men. Dinner included barbecues, mac and cheese, salad and applesauce.
     Colton and I talked afterward on the way to visit my parents. I love to get his unique take on things. He said it was like eating school food on the weekend, and that he doesn't like all of the school food. I appreciated being reminded of all my blessings, so thankful that I have choices.

March Proverbs Challenge
     Reading one chapter each day, then trying to pick a Word to Live By from each chapter. Today's word is listen.
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Dana Murphy said...

Sounds like a lovely opportunity to give back. I love Colton's honesty, too. Is school food ever really good?

Anonymous said...

Good to read about your experience. last week I was part of a group from my church that prepared and served dinner to the homeless- ours was chili and corn muffins. We had some kids with us, too. Two girls showed their giving hearts as they served with huge smiles.

Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience. I'm with Colton, school food isn't all good.