Tuesday, May 12, 2015


     We start with phonics- but use this little homemade chart and yellow jacket finger puppet:
Next year, this will be revamped with added digraphs and different vowel-pairs.
Like Monday, we read our story together
then read a previous story with a partner.
     Making words activity using our weekly spelling pattern
     Decodable Reader- practice at seat individually. This is used for our This book is about...response OR a Somebody/wanted/but/so. Then we read the story together. It goes home three nights in a row for practice.
     Movement activity
     RtI Centers
     Our spelling program includes three activities each week. We do the "easy" page on Tuesday.
     Afternoon activities are same as Monday, except we go to Art class.


Dana Murphy said...

Sounds like a busy day of learning for the little ones!

Kate said...

Love that little bee!