Monday, July 6, 2015


So excited for the first official day of Teachers Write! 

     I'm not much of a wonderer so I pulled out my PiBoIdMo 2014 list to build on a few ideas. School starts on August 6, so it's a great time to start thinking of some mini-lesson/ class book ideas.

* choose your own adventure- loved these!
* good news/ very good news- used this last year, parents would enjoy reading them
* making words lift-the-flap, then illustrate
* I must have been hungry on days 8, 15 and 28- donuts, cookies, snacks. We've tried foodie journals several times.
* sewing/ quilt story with pattern
* cause/ effect story, to answer their why? questions 

     On day 19, my idea was I don't want to go. Wonder where? Which brings me to Lizzie, the teenager from Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail. I could totally relate. In seventh grade, my parents rented a camper for a two-week vacation out west- Grand Canyon, Vegas. But...I had a boyfriend going to church camp that very week. Was I whiny and annoying? Yes, especially the last few days. Imagine- that was just vacation, not moving away from everyone and everything into the unknown. The story needed Lizzie :)

Finally, my white page idea:
     I try to answer Yes instead of No as often as possible, especially with my son. (This explains our December overnight bus trip to NYC and why we're leaving for Disney day after tomorrow) He asks for some crazy things sometimes and I try to make them happen, (baked ziti for breakfast? Of course!) but sometimes there have to be some No answers. I'm thinking of a story listing all the questions in a day that a mom answers No, but at bedtime he asks for a drink of water and a hug, which gets a Yes.

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