Saturday, March 5, 2016


     Three-day weekend? Yes, please! Today seems like an extra Saturday! Busy, busy, busy and happy. Why?
1. Had breakfast from food in the house. I've changed grocery shopping to Monday evening and we still had some food left. Our new routine is starting to work. Exercised afterward.
2. Picked up Colton's artwork from our local gallery. They had a special showing of Special Olympic athlete's work last Friday evening.
3. Voted in the Republican Caucus. Didn't even know what a caucus was until this week. Thought it was a meeting of some sort.
4. Made my son extremely happy by fixing Blondies using this recipe. Replaced the chocolate chips with m&ms. They were yum. Finishing the evening making homemade Chex Mix.


Michelle Brezek said...

I never knew what a Caucus was until this year either! We don't Caucus in IL, but I'd love to experience one!

Kate said...

Extra Saturdays are treasures.