Thursday, March 16, 2017


Last Wednesday, I didn't feel like stopping at Walmart after picking Colton up at his daddy's house. Weird. I love Walmart.
That night, I could NOT get warm. Had to convince myself it would take less than a minute to get an Ibuprofen and be back under the covers.
Thursday, dragged through school.
Friday, dragged through school even worse.
Saturday, laid around.
Sunday, laid around.
Monday, dragged through school but started perking up.
Tuesday, little better but not great.
Wednesday, little better, still not great.
Today, jury duty! Imagine being thankful for jury duty. I get to speak to grown-ups during the day!

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Kate said...

Sorry you were under the weather last weekend. It's not fun to be sick on your days off. Glad you are feeling better.