Saturday, March 25, 2017


Started out like gangbusters
made a habit tracker
tried to leave an encouraging comment
on each of my welcome wagon slicer's posts
then I got sick :( and I never get sick
then jury duty
which lasted over a week
still had lesson plans to write
and stuff to arrange for each day
find after-school care for Colton
So thankful for family and friends that step up to help.
Jury Duty makes you tired in a weird way.
too much thinking and sitting
too much fast food
Our judge was my former husband's attorney in our divorce.
Our courtroom is small
the jury sits five feet away from the plaintiffs
met some nice people
caught up with a friend from college
but I'm so thankful for this weekend.


Melanie Meehan said...

I'm impressed with the chart you share--wow! It would be hard to have jury duty at any time, but especially during the SOLC month, as don't you have to keep a lot to yourself. I'd struggle to generate ideas on secrets and fast food!!!

Kate said...

Ugh, definitely not a lot of fun. Hopefully you are feeling much better. Have a restful and relaxing weekend.

@KincerLIsa said...

Oh, my - hoping you are feeling stronger and rested after this weekend!