Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Yesterday I planned to fix homemade spaghetti for dinner
Today I came home and microwaved frozen burritos instead.

Yesterday I heard Wednesday's training would be intense
Today I heard the instructors push on your classroom door
     while you're trying to lock it.

Yesterday I took my class outside for recess even though it was super cold.
Today it was a little warmer and we went outside again.

Yesterday I had a No Money Monday
Today I had a No Money Tuesday.

Yesterday I read The Letters are Lost
Today I read two nonfiction books about bats.

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Kendra said...

I love this reflection. I have tucked this format away for another time in March. Thank you for sharing. We've been reading about spiders. :)

Texas Schoolmarm said...

I enjoyed the contrast between the yesterday and today statements, powerful way to use few words!

Ashley Brown said...

Love this format! I too ate healthy last night and unhealthy tonight.