Friday, March 2, 2018


Happy Friday!
Why is it such a Happy Friday?

Bus Duty is over! 
It adds a half-hour in the morning 
and ten minutes after dismissal
for a week
two times a year.

We had outdoor recess
even though it was pretty dang cold.

We read Ten Apples Up on Top
to celebrate Dr Seuss' Birthday.
Here's how our voting went down:
I Want My Hat Back was the favorite this week.

While this Spelling test may not look impressive to some
it shows amazing progress and growth:
and I'm quite proud!
He remembered the o needed the w
and added it liberally :)
He can't isolate the second consonant in blends
but he only knew five consonants in August.
No alarm tomorrow!

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Angela Faulhaber said...

Love the different aspects of your day. And I so love the little guy's writing -- it reminds me of when I learned to use the comma and I would sprinkle them all over the page. Thanks for sharing!

ssurridge said...

Love the spelling test! So great that you can see the growth. After bus duty, confirmation that a student is improving is a great way to earn a sleep-in day.

lsmith0917 said...

Yay for Friday! I enjoyed envisioning your day with you! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!!

Unknown said...

Friday's wonderful, but especially after have a wonderful week. Sounds like you did!

Unknown said...

Its the little-big things! Those little moments of community, sharing, steady growth, and celebrations. The little moments are the big things. Go you! And Happy Friday!