Saturday, March 24, 2012

share, a little make

I love Spring!
I love my trees.
This one is right outside my sewing window.
This one, outside my bedroom window.

I love the kids in my class and their generous families.
These Easter baskets are for children affected by tornadoes that hit this month in West Liberty, KY.  In fifteen seconds, so many families lost everything.  Very sobering- it's not far from our little community.  Our school is collecting 50 filled baskets.  My little sweetie-pies even helped me color-coordinate. 

I made this bracelet using JCasa's mama-chic wrist cuff technique with my plus-size measurements:
and yes, I wore it along with my scarf and carried my purse.  My friends were sweet enough to say it was NOT too much, but of course, they're used to my fashion shenanigans.

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Deanna said...

A sweet project! And, good to teach the children.