Friday, March 4, 2016


     Snow Day! Ran the dishwasher, ran the vacuum, load of laundry, got a spray tan. Sounds fun? 
     Lesson learned- One Saturday, a few months ago I volunteered to take our church's contribution of stuff to our local homeless shelter. Was told that they only accept donation Monday- Friday. No problem! This afternoon, I tried to deliver two of my quilts and some sheets. Found out the rules are even more specific: They only accept donations M-F from 8:30- 1:30. Hmm...oh well, I will try again during Spring Break and hopefully have another quilt finished.

Getting to know each other question #3: If I had a billion euros, I would pay off my credit cards and house, then travel with my family.
2015 Slice So glad I'm checking previous year's Slices. How strange that the same thing happened yesterday, except out of school one-hour early. Got the same call last night- No School!
2014 Slice A Currently post and yet another Snow Day. Weird.
2013 Slice A nice, cozy evening in


Brooke Kinsman said...

That has happened to me! I have driven over an hour to pick something up to find out the business closed 30 minutes prior! I am a believer in calling first!!!

I love how you are linking your previous slices! This is my first year, so obviously nothing to link. However, I will have to do this next year! Great way to look back at your memory!

Lori said...

Sometimes it's really hard to do good.

Kate said...

Sounds like you made the most of your snow day, other than the foiled delivery.