Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Slice of Life

Inspired by my March 7, 2013 Slice
We each walked a lap around the inside of the school
and wrote about what we saw. (or sall, or even worse seen)
It is soooo hard for me to let them write on my our charts,
but I love their developmental spelling.

2015 Slice I love the Before that format. Need to try it again soon.
We are one story earlier in our Reading series this year.
2013 Slice This is still how I conduct Writer's Workshop. To a tee.


cindaroo42 said...

I love this because it shows how everyone notices different things. It also reminds me that there are so many things I miss every day because my mind is constantly on To-Do's and rushing from 1 place to the next. Great exercise to do for myself and my students!

Dana Murphy said...

Love it! Loved the crossed out words - perfect!

Look how much they learn when you let them do it!

Kate said...

Practice makes perfect (well for most, mine still can't spell her way out of paper bag, thank goodness for spell check).