Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Slice of Life

Trying to get in a routine of grocery shopping on Monday evening...
Meal plan for this week:
Tues- broccoli, white beans and bacon using this new-to-me recipe Edited: Yum!
Wed- smoked pork chops, cornbread Stove Top stuffing, lima beans
Thurs- pork fried rice
Fri- something from the freezer- pizza? burritos?
Sat- Mom's birthday, dinner out
Sun- dinner out after church
Mon- baked ziti, garlic bread
No 2015 Slice, oops
No 2013 Slice, oops again
What's with March 8?

Why I love first-grade Writer's Workshop journals...
We've been working with words that look alike except for one different letter. Thursday, we wrote about now/ new, but yesterday I found this excellent example for want/went:
"I want to go to the mall, but I went to Dollar General."
We've all been there, haven't we?
Look at her hands on hips and tapping foot :)


amarie11028 said...

This is great! Love how she was able to convey her feelings with such a simple picture.

Rachel T. said...

I love to see young writing. It makes me smile so much. They are learning the power of words and pictures and how to convey their feelings.

Tara Smith said...

That's such a great visual - it captures this child's thoughts and feelings so perfectly.

Jane Helms said...

Love your menu / to do list. And the writer workshop is just great!!!

Karen said...

First of all, you are a meal planner after my own heart. I can never even think about going to the grocery until I know what nights I am cooking (and what I will be preparing), what nights are leftovers, and what nights are eating out. I have not met many people who do it that way so I loved seeing the meal plan!
Second, I have to ask if you are from a southern state?? My daughter just moved to Nashville and works for Dollar General. I had not heard of it before then.
Love her want/went story!!!

Kate said...

Love the tapping foot. I remember those days with Drama Teen, now I just get the eye roll.